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Toad Hollow's Favorite Books on Crystal Healing

and the Laying-On of Stones

COLOR and CRYSTALS: A JOURNEY through the CHAKRAS by Joy Gardner-Gordon (Crossing Press). Tells how to use crystals and stones to balance and charge the body's seven chakra energy centers. Recommended as an introduction to healing with color.  
CRYSTAL HEALING: The THERAPUTIC APPLICATION of CRYSTALS and STONES by Katrina Raphaell (Aurora Press). Learn the ancient healing art of laying on stones and using crystals for soul and consciousness expansion. This is volume two of a trilogy. Illustrates and discusses the seven master crystals including the channeling, transmitter, window, elestial, laser and earthkeeper quartz crystals.
CRYSTAL MEDICINE by Marguerite Elsbeth covers crystal clearing, the use of metals, crystal empowerment, the medicine wheel, and crystal incantation. A most useful "stone encyclopedia" with 16 pages of color photos is an important part of this book. Respect for the earth is encouraged.   
GEM ELIXIRS and VIBRATIONAL HEALING, Vol. I by Gurudas (Cassandra Press). Distinguishing itself from other gem therapy books by its presentation of new and original research material, this book is based on information received through two trance channels. The principles of channeling are explained. The text covers: 144 gemstones, the use of gemstones in Atlantis and Lemuria, practical advice on creating gem elixirs and 56 pages of detailed charts. Includes an extensive bibliography and end notes to facilitate further research, plus an index.    



GEMS of the 7 COLOR RAYS by William Stuber (Llewellyn). Teaches how to use colored stones and crystals to influence the flow of color-ray energy within the physical and subtle bodies. Create inner harmony and balance while releasing blocked energy patterns. A chapter is devoted to each color ray and a detailed discussion of its associated stones. Includes a glossary, and index, and a short bibliography.


HEALING WITH CRYSTALS by Pamela Louise Chase (New Page Books). This book is an easy-to-follow introduction to the use of clear quartz crystals for personal growth and balancing both physical and emotional energy. Discusses the physical and spiritual properties of quartz crystals, and their relationship to the human energy system. Includes diagrams and step-by-step instructions for both self-healing and the healing of others. Index and short bibliography are included in this new edition.


HEALING with GEMSTONES by Pamela Louise Chase (New Page Books). Covers the use of over 80 gemstones for personal and spiritual transformation. Explores the concept that stones have a spiritual consciousness and can be used to deepen our connection with nature and increase our ability to heal. Teaches how to develop intuition about gemstone energy through color, sound and chakra affinities. Explores the use of sound to amplify the healing power of stones. Indexed, with short bibliography.



LAYING on of STONES by D. J. Conway (Crossing Press). Provides background information on the history of the use of stones, how to choose stones, and how to cleanse their energy after use. Includes 40 detailed diagrams for healing or enhancing specific conditions. General guidelines for healing sessions are discussed in addition to the properties of individual stones. 


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