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Toad Hollow's Favorite Books on Gem Lore

and the Metaphysical Properties of Stones

THE BOOK OF SACRED STONES: FACT & FALLACY in the CRYSTAL WORLD by Barbara Walker. I found this book to be easy to use and well researched. It includes a section of color photos to aid in the identification of your stones. Barbara Walker is the author of another of my favorite books: THE WOMAN's DICTIONARY OF SYMBOLS & SACRED OBJECTS with over 560 pages, 750 entries and 630 illustrations!  
CRYSTAL JOURNEY: TRAVEL GUIDE FOR THE NEW SHAMAN by JaneAnn Dow. This is a guide to using quartz crystals and stones by a highly respected expert. A formation of quartz crystal known as the "Dow" is named for the author. I also recommend her CRYSTAL JOURNEY CARDS, a divination deck illustrated with color photographs of crystals and polished stones. The deck supplements the book and divides minerals into four categories, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual according to their energies.
CRYSTAL PERSONALITIES: A QUICK REFERENCE to SPECIAL FORMS of QUARTZ by Patricia Troyer. Well illustrated with line drawings to help in the identification of the special formations in which quartz crystals are naturally found. An explanation of the specific properties and uses of each formation is provided. This is a very good guide to working with quartz crystals.
CRYSTAL POWER, CRYSTAL HEALING by Michael Gienger. If I could only afford one book on the metaphysical properties of stones, this is the one I would buy! It is well written and describes all of the stones commonly used and available on the market today. Each stone is illustrated in a color photograph. Includes geology, lore and healing powers for each stone. The author teaches how to choose a stone using four different methods. Fascinating background information demonstrates why stones posess specific types of energy based on the manner in which they were formed, their color, and other physical properties



THE ESSENCE OF GEMSTONES by Renate Sperling. This book is only available in hardcover and is therefore quite expensive. The author writes beautifully about the spiritual properties of stones. There are also big and beautiful color photographs to illustrate each of the stones. The path to the knowledge of stones is a very personal one. I like to read as many different opinions as I can before forming my own. I am very happy to have discovered this beautiful book!



GEMS IN MYTH, LEGEND AND LORE by Bruce G. Knuth. Covers all of the stones commonly used in jewelry making. Discusses birth stones, stones for the signs of the zodiac, and the lore of stones, all from a historical perspective. Well illustrated and fun to read.



LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: A KALEIDOSCOPE OF CRYSTALS by Melody. This is the updated version of the best-selling metaphysical guide to minerals and crystals. It is extremely comprehensive, including most of the stones you will ever encounter, in addition to some that are very rare and hard to obtain. Melody discusses the various forms of quartz crystal in depth. Beginners will want a field guide or mineral handbook to supplement this volume which does not include illustrations. 


LOVE IS IN THE EARTH KALEIDOSCOPIC PICTORIAL SUPPLEMENT A. by Melody. Discusses and illustrates a number of additional minerals. The inclusion of a color photograph for each mineral makes this a very useful supplement. Covers new minerals including candle quartz, eudialyte, gaspeite, mookaite, nantan meteorite, rainbow moonstone, silicon, and tangerine quartz. There are also more illustrations of quartz crystal configurations, and an index to stones by zodiac sign.


LOVE IS IN THE EARTH KALEIDOSCOPIC PICTORIAL SUPPLEMENT Z. by Melody. This is the second supplement to Melody's comprehensive metaphysical guide, enhanced by color illustrations. Minerals covered in this supplement include: bowenite, dalmation stone, fossil algae (stromatolite), glendonite, green rhyolite ("rainforest jasper"), lingam stone, nunderite, septarian nodule and reversed watermelon tourmaline.


MOLDAVITE: STARBORN STONE OF TRANSFORMATION by Robert Simmons. Interesting metaphysical coverage of moldavite, the gem green tektite from Czechoslovakia. The color plates of photographs included in the book illustrate the beauty of this powerful stone!
SPIRIT IN THE STONE: A HANDBOOK OF SOUTHWEST INDIAN ANIMAL CARVINGS AND BELIEFS by Mark Bahti. Fetishes are objects of power. In Native American culture, there are different categories of fetishes. A large portion of this book is dedicated to the discussion of animal symbolism. Animals both wild and domestic, as well as types of birds, reptiles and insects are covered. Another section discusses types of minerals that are carved. Learn about traditional materials, plus newer stones like gaspeite and charoite, over 50 in all. 


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