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Toad Hollow's Favorite Books on Geology

and Field Identification of Minerals

CHASING RAINBOWS: The FIELD COLLECTING DIARIES of NEW HAMPSHIRE MINERALOGIST PETER SAMUELSON. I love this personal account of Peter Samuelson's mineral collecting adventures in the New Hampshire woods! The crystal photographs will inspire you to take to the hills in search of nature's hidden miracles.
A COLLECTOR"S GUIDE TO MAINE MINERAL LOCALITIES. This is the third revision of the best state collecting guide ever published. A topographic map and detailed directions are provided for every collecting site, along with a list of all the minerals found there. My two favorite sites are Mt. Apatite and the Harvard Quarry!
DK's ROCKS & MINERALS: (Eyewitness Books) by R. F. Symes. This is a great book for kids interested in mineral collecting. The pages are rich with great illustrations and informative captions. The CRYSTALS & GEMS book of the same series is also a winner!
EVERYBODY NEEDS A ROCK by Byrd Baylor. This poetic children's picture book speaks to all of us in tune with the mineral kingdom. Wonderful for reading aloud...just make sure you have a rock in your pocket!  



FALLING STARS: A GUIDE to METEORS & METEORITES by Mike D. Reynolds. This a great introduction to the mystery of meteorites without too much technical information.


GEM AND LAPIDARY MATERIALS FOR CUTTERS, COLLECTORS, and JEWELERS by June Culp Zeitner. I can't tell you how often I have made use of this book! It has a wealth of information about regional names of stones including odd-ball agates and jaspers. June Zeitner is editor of Lapidary Journal and she really knows her stones. If you are seriously into making gemstone jewelry you will be happy to own this.
GEMSTONES of NORTH AMERICA VOLUME III by John Sinkankas. This is the last volume on North American mining and minerals by a great authority, John Sinkankas, who died recently. Volumes I and II are now, unfortunately, out of print.  


THE GEOLOGY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE PART III MINERALS and MINES. There are an amazing number of minerals collected in New Hampshire, and this publication will tell you in which town and in what mine. Included is a large fold-out map of the state showing the location of New Hampshire's historic mines.
JADE by Fred Ward. Revered in the orient as a talisman for health, happiness and long life, jade is one of the most popular stones used in jewelry. Learn all about the different types of jade in this richly illustrated guide by expert Fred Ward. 


NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY FIELD GUIDE to ROCKS and MINERALS. This is the most useful of all of the field guides for identifying a rock by it's most obvious characteristic: it's color! A large portion of this volume consists of color plates of photos arranged by hue. Collectors, this is the best guide to own if you have no idea what you've got! 
ROCKS AND MINERALS (EYEWITNESS HANDBOOKS) by Chris Pellant is the grown-up's version of DK's ROCKS and MINERALS with the same style of handsome photos on white backgrounds...and more text. I love their botanical handbooks, too!
ROCKS FROM SPACE by O. Richard Norton is a comprehensive guide to meteorites recommended for those who want to become more serious collectors. When you are ready to graduate from your basic Nantan specimen, buy this book.
SIMON & SCHUSTER'S GUIDE to GEMS and PRECIOUS STONES is an informative guide to faceted stones and gem crystals found in jewelry. ROCKS and MINERALS in the same series is also highly recommended. The Simon and Schuster guides are my first choice when I want to learn about a particular stone or see what it looks like. They are comprehensive, have good photos, and are organized for ease of use.

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