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Toad Hollow Fossils: Fish & Lobsters

Here are some of Anita's favorite fish fossils from the mineral cases. Each is one of a kind and ready to display in its cotton-lined box with card listing species and locality.  To purchase Toad Hollow Minerals, please visit Anita's Beads in Wakefield, New Hampshire.  We are no longer taking orders through this site.

For notices regarding special sales, new products, and events, visit Anita's Bead Blog.

Fossil Fish - Jiang hanichthys

Fossil Fish - Jiang hanichthys

Hubai, China

Hubai, China



Order No. FosFish-01  $60.00

Order No. FosFish-02  $45.00


Fossil Fish - Jiang hanichthys

Fossil Lobster - Thalassina anamola

Hubai, China

Northern Territory, Australia



Order No. FosFish-03  $45.00

Order No. FosLob-01  $35.00

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